Canon camera reviews

Canon camera

  • Canon PowerShot A640

    Canon PowerShot A640

    The Canon A640 is a 10-megapixel point-and-shoot camera that is perfect for casual users who'd like a little extra power in their hands.

  • Canon PowerShot S3 IS

    Canon PowerShot S3 IS

    The PowerShot S3 IS caters for serious photo enthusiasts seeking extended zooming flexibility and fully featured movie recording in a versatile compact digital stills camera.

  • Canon PowerShot A95

    Canon PowerShot A95

    Fully automatic for day-to-day shots, plus a host of manual functions and accessories for your creative side. The PowerShot A95 is the 5-megapixel "big brother" of the PowerShot A80.

  • Canon PowerShot A430

    Canon PowerShot A430

    The PowerShot A430 digital camera is geared towards the entry-level photographer, it's functional as well as intuitive for a beginning photographer.

  • Canon PowerShot A620

    Canon PowerShot A620

    The Canon A620 is the top-of-the-line A series model and is an attractive, medium compact and affordable digital camera perfect for an aspiring photographer.

  • Canon PowerShot A700

    Canon PowerShot A700

    The Canon Powershot A700 is the new flagship of the ever-growing 'A' series of affordable feature-laden PowerShot models.

  • Canon EOS 20D

    Canon EOS 20D

    Designed for advanced amateurs, photojournalists and professionals, the EOS 20D digital SLR combines image quality, speed and ruggedness with compact size and light weight to deliver the highest performance in its class.

  • Canon PowerShot S80

    Canon PowerShot S80

    The Canon PowerShot S80 replaces the Canon PowerShot S70. It is one of the few consumer digital cameras with a 28mm wide-angle lens and comes in an attractive black body with silver trims.

  • Canon PowerShot SD450

    Canon PowerShot SD450

    The Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital ELPH is an ultracompact JeansPocket™ Certified digital camera which replaces the SD400.

  • Canon PowerShot SD550

    Canon PowerShot SD550

    The Canon PowerShot SD550 is elegantly simple yet beautiful in its "Perpetual Curve" design, and the metallic body is built solid with an unmistakable feeling of quality all around.

  • Canon PowerShot SD700

    Canon PowerShot SD700

    The PowerShot SD700 IS Digital ELPH camera packs some heavyweight digital photo technology into a lightweight and pocket-sized package.

  • Canon PowerShot S2 IS

    Canon PowerShot S2 IS

    The five megapixel Canon PowerShot S2 IS allows consumers from the novice to the photo enthusiast the ability to capture high quality still images and movie clips.