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  • Nikon D5000 Review

    The coming of the Nikon D5000 is only a matter of time especially with the sales of the previous versions of the DSLRs such as D40 and D60. 80% of most DSLR sales are from these two versions and with Nikon’s eagerness to combine the D90 into an affordable DSLR, the D5000 came into being.

    Nikon D5000

    Combined with D90’s 12.9 megapixel, EXPEED processor and APS-C sensor, the D5000 also has distance tracking and color with gridlines seen in D90. The magnification of the viewfinder may be a bit smaller than the ones found in D40x and D60, but with the additional AF points and gridlines for the viewfinder, you will only get superior photographing experience.

  • D5000’s important addition is its LCD swivel and tilt feature which can be used for viewing live images as well as superb playback of video and images. Completing the package of the D5000 is the MC-DC2 remote cord as well as the EN-EL9a battery which is of higher quality making this quite impressive.

    Other features to be found in Nikon’s D5000 are the ISO range of 200 to 300 as well as the “Active D-lighting”. The “Active D-Lighting” help enhance the shadow detail as well as preventing highlights from being overexposed. This minimizes any editing to be done after a shot is taken.

    An image sensor cleaning is already part of the D5000 with a shooting rate of 4fps as well as an auto live-view, contrast-detection focus. There are additional scene modes together with the usual exposure modes in the D5000. These modes found in the DSLR D5000 will help consumers who are familiar with the previous automatic digital cameras. Automatic selection of the D-Lighting provides a wider range when shooting, including 3D Color Matrix Metering II with a system that can recognize any exposure in a scene. A flash is already built into the camera and the shutter has passed the test of 10,000 cycles.

    To further complete Nikon’s D5000 DSLR package, the company has added accessories such as SD/SDHC memory media, rechargeable battery, monitor cover, cap for the eyepiece, cables for USB and A/V, eyecup made of rubber, body cap, shoe cover, and of course the software used to upload pictures onto your desktop.

    The D5000’s design is almost the same as the D40X and D60. However, the D5000 is somewhat bigger, than but not as big as the D90. Those who are already comfortable with the size and weight of the D40X may feel a little bit awkward when handling the D5000. The D5000 uses the same plastic in its construction and is more elegant than the previous versions. It is also filled with buttons unlike the D90. This helps the photographer from accessing important controls and features with minimal movements.