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  • Canon EOS 500D review

    Introducing the latest DSLR camera from Canon, the Canon EOS 500D, also referred to as Digital Rebel T1, is packed with new features that makes it the perfect choice for a good photograph session. The Canon EOS 500D was released in the market the same time as the Nikon D5000 which is its most challenging competitor yet.

    Canon EOS 500D

    Among the features that Canon EOS 500D has is the High Definition video capability. You can capture 1080p video and is only the second DSLR camera from Canon that has video capture. It also has 15 mega pixels with an improved Live View feature that has three different modes, a 920,000 dot LCD screen and an ISO ranging from 100 to 12800.

  • Compared with the EOS 450D, the Canon EOS 500D is almost the same in appearance except for the speaker, holes for the microphone, connection for the HDMI and a silver dial are the only points of distinction. Both the EOS 500D and EOS 450D have the same size and weight and you might have a hard time telling which is which. For those who have big hands, handling the 500D may be a bit awkward so it is recommended that you try it out first before purchasing.

    The EOS 500D has a lens stabilization for its images which is quite different with what its competitors namely, Sony, Pentax and Olympus have. For these companies, they use the stabilization in their cameras themselves where as in EOS 500D; the lens has this feature allowing maximum stability effect.

    For those who will be starting photography using the EOS 500D, there are features included that can help you become familiar with the mode selection. Landscape, portrait, night portrait, close-up and sports are some of the modes to choose from in EOS500D. You can play with these modes to get a better feel on the result of Canon’s EOS 500D. Not only that, but EOS 500D has both semi-automatic and manual modes to give users maximum handling of their shoots.

    “Creative Zones” is the term Canon has applied to these various modes for their DSLR. Including in this creative zone are the usual settings such as Aperture, Program, Shutter Priority and the full manual. EOS 500D also has the A-DEP capability meaning that you can get the depth of the field automatically when you select this function. CA or Creative Auto is another addition to the EOS 500D which provides users with a middle man for both the advanced shooting functions and the full auto mode. The CA capability was first seen in Canon’s 50D to help users become familiar with the controls from full auto to the more advanced functions.

    While in the “creative zone”, users can manipulate the ISO setting of their cameras to get a clearer image and which is ideal for any condition. This new feature is greatly welcomed by users surpassing those used by the other companies. There are three auto-focus modes in EOS 500D as well as an AF system that has a 9-point-wide-area.