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  • Transcend 8GB 266X Ultra-Speed CompactFlash Card

    Transcend Information, Inc. a global leading brand in flash memory cards, introduces the latest and fastest 8GB 266X Ultra-Speed CompactFlash® (CF) Card. The all-new 266X CF Card with dual channel flash interface is made especially for professional and amateur photographers. It achieves extraordinary average read/write speeds of up to 40MB per second using the latest Ultra DMA mode 4 (with IDE interface or 1394 card reader). With the impressive transfer speed and the huge capacity up to 8GB, users are guaranteed to get the very best performance and results from their high-end digital equipment. Transcend 266X CF Memory Cards support continuous shooting, and meet today’s advanced and demanding digital needs. They are now available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities.

    Transcend 8GB 266X Ultra-Speed CompactFlash

    Specially designed for high-end digital cameras that use the FAT32 format, the Transcend 266X Ultra-Speed CF Card is fully compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Konica Minolta and Sony high-resolution digital cameras. In addition to improving the speed of the Transcend 266X Ultra-Speed CF Card, the Ultra DMA technology that the card adopts helps to maximize the performance of digital equipment by using less power. Besides, the card has a huge 8GB memory capacity means you can store over 4,000 extremely high-resolution 7-megapixel JPG photos.

    Professional and amateur photographers who need to choose the memory intensive RAW format for taking pictures will take great joy to know that the 8GB 266X CF card can easily store over 500 pictures. Besides, power users looking for high capacity, fast and high performance CF card for their high-end Digital Camera or other handheld devices will choose the 8GB 266X Ultra-Speed CF card as well.

    Product Features

    • Ultra-performance 266X high-speed with dual channel flash interface
    • Data transfer rate: 40MB/sec (Max) (IDE interface or 1394 card reader)
    • Support IDE PIO mode 6, Ultra DMA mode 4
    • Compliant with the CF4.0 specification
    • Built-in hardware ECC technology
    • Built-in ATA interface for easy Plug and Play interoperability
    • Lower power consumption
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Price indication (incl.VAT)

    • 2GB CF 266X 39€
    • 4GB CF 266X 68€
    • 8GB CF 266X 138€