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  • PNY Announces The Launch of Its New 2GB xD-Picture Cardô by Olympus

    PNY xD-Picture Card 2GB

    With the emergence of higher performance xD-Picture Cardô compatible digital cameras and thanks to its Olympus partnership, PNY Technologies enlarges its xD-Picture Cardô range launching the 2GB capacity.

    Introducing 2GB storage capacity in its xD-Picture Cardô range, PNY now meets all customersí needs: digital camera owners can now take 1,000 shots (with a camera resolution of 8 megapixels) with an Olympus digital still camera in HQ mode (the default high-quality image setting).

    The development of advanced video-recording functions in digital cameras and the desire for higher digital picture quality means a demand for larger memory. Olympus plans to apply this high-capacity technology to develop the xD-Picture Cardô for Olympus digital cameras with memory capacities eventually reaching up to 8GB.

    PNY xD-Picture Cardô Type M can be widely found both online and on the highstreet. All PNY xD-Picture Cardsô offer the exclusive Olympus panorama option.

    Recommended retail price incl. vat: PNY xD-Picture Cardô Type M £61.00

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