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  • Digital Photography Expert Techniques, Second Edition

    Digital Photography Expert Techniques

    SEBASTOPOL, Calif. -- Who doesn't crave higher megapixels, interchangeable lenses, and larger, noise-free sensors? With huge price drops in digital single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, folks in record numbers are rushing to buy these tricked-out devices. Yet many owners of pro-quality digital SLRs find it daunting to acquire the technical know-how necessary to get the most out of their new gear and software.

    What they need is an up-to-the-minute reference guide written in clear, easy-to-understand language. And with the just released "Digital Photography Expert Techniques" (O'Reilly, $44.99 US, $58.99 CA) -- now fully updated by award-winning photographer Ken Milburn -- there's a one-stop resource available.

    "I felt a crying need for a book that could solve the problems that serious hobbyists and pro photographers face daily," says this best-selling author of twenty-seven books. Indeed, with "Expert Techniques" in one hand, aspiring photographers, enthusiasts, and professionals quickly grasp how to choose the right equipment, set up a digital darkroom, organize a workflow sequence, and apply advanced editing techniques.

    Milburn reveals do-it-yourself insider tips and established professional methods, giving readers expertise in:

    - Making reversible adjustments
    - Using camera RAW for creating effects
    - Using lighting effects and lens flare filters
    - Organizing professional images for albums, exhibits, websites, or publications

    Loaded with full color instructional photos, this reference can help everyone shoot and display compelling images--from family and vacation albums to artistic collages. Throughout "Digital Photography Expert Techniques," Milburn strives to "make producing the highest quality photographs" enjoyable and efficient for working professionals and passionate enthusiasts.