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  • Fujifilm / Olympus 2 GB xD-Picture Card

    Both Fujifilm and Olympus (the only two companies utilizing the xD format) have today announced a step up in capacity for xD card to 2 GB. The new 2 GB xD-Picture Card is twice as large as the current largest and utilizes Multi-Level Cell technology to pack so much storage into such a small package. This new card will be available in September, there's currently no word on price.. Fujifilm 2 GB xD-Picture CardOlympus 2 GB xD-Picture Card
    Fujifilm Press Release:


    Valhalla, NY, August 8, 2006 - Digital photographers of all levels—amateur and professional alike—will be pleased to learn of the availability of a new 2GB xD-Picture Card from Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc.

    Digital photographers are taking more photos and they are doing so with cameras of higher resolutions. Fujifilm has responded to this influx of high-resolution pictures by providing a media card that doubles the memory capacity of the current 1GB product. The new 2GB xD-Picture Card provides the storage space necessary to keep these photos until they are printed and shared.

    "Photographers no longer have to worry about whether their hiking trip, family vacation, or wedding will be captured in its entirety," explained Jim Avato, Marketing Manager, Electronic Imaging Products Division, Fuji Photo Film, U.S.A, Inc. "The 2GB xD-Picture Card can store 1,640 5-MegaPixel photos, giving photographers the freedom to snap away without worrying about dwindling storage capacity. Movie capture can be as long as 58 minutes at 320 x 240 resolution."

    Like the 1GB xD-Picture Card, the 2GB version is lightweight and compact—one of the smallest media cards available. In addition to the added memory, it has quick reading and writing speeds for a smoother digital photography experience.

    The 2GB xD card will be available in September.

  • Source - dpreview