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  • Casio Introduces the Exilim Z65 and Exilim Z11

    Casio has announced introduced the Exilim Z11 and Exilim Z65 digital cameras. Over the years, Casio used to be one of the manufactures that took great care of their product information on the web, but lately we find information on Casio's products all over the Web, except for on their own websites. The new Casio Exilim Z11 appears to be a 7-megapixel special version for selected resellers in Germany and the United Kingdom. The 6-megapixel Exilim Z65 is a follow-on to the Casio Z60 with a larger LCD monitor and longer battery life..

    Casio Exilim Z11 and Z65

    Apparently the editors of the German version of Casio's Exilim website are more alert than their English colleagues.