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  • BenQ Unveils World's Slimmest 7-Megapixel Camera with 3.0" Touch Panel

    EUROPE, APRIL 4, 2007 - BenQ today unveils the T700 digital camera, the world’s slimmest 7-megapixel camera with a 3.0" touch panel display. Aimed at fashion-conscious photo enthusiasts that value both design and functionality, the BenQ T700 features attractively slim exterior, oversized touch panels display, smc PENTAX lens, super shake-free mode and high ISO options.

    Another World’s First

    BenQ again breaks the world’s slimmest record with the BenQ T700. At a mere 14.9mm, the T700 takes the record as the world’s slimmest 7-megapixel camera with a 3.0” touch panel display. The T700 will draw attention in any environment. Its waif-thin exterior lined with a sleek stainless steel edge, comes in three colors destined to attract stares: Cool Silver, Midnight Black, Vixen-Red, Pearl White.

    BenQ T700 Slimmest 7-Megapixel Camera with 3.0' Touch Panel

    Luscious Touch Panel

    Not to be outdone, the back of the BenQ T700 features a large beautifully lush 3.0” touch panel which lets you view images in brilliant detail. Its touch panel features a “tap-to-enlarge” feature which lets you tap and view any part of your photo up-close. The T700 also comes with fun photo frame and stamp options you can use just with a fingertip.

    Super Shake-Free

    Whether you’re sunbathing or clubbing, the T700 is equipped with an array of functions including S.S.F. (Super Shake-Free) system which helps stabilize your images when you aren’t. S.S.F. helps you record photos and videos with brighter, clearer and more natural colors. The T700 also supports high ISO value: ISO 4000 in movie recording move and ISO 1200 in photo mode, letting you better capture fast-moving objects or taking photos in low light conditions.

    The BenQ T700 will be available in China, Italy, Spain, and Russia at the end of March.

    Additional informations : BenQ Site